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Call Plans

Competitive call rates are one of the most important elements of any office phone system package. They can also vary dramatically between different providers, meaning you could be paying over the odds to make every type of call.

We typically generate 25 – 35% of savings on your current bill by passing on the cost savings of wholesale rates. At Network Telecom, we’ll even perform a free calls spend review, looking at your call plans, tariffs, line rental and more to maximise your savings.

We offer simple but bespoke packages including everything from local, mobile and international calls to non–geographical numbers. Being completely independent allows us provide you with a tailored package that suits your business needs. Whether you’re making calls within the UK or overseas or to mobiles you can be sure that with us you are getting the best call rates possible on reliable, highly supported lines.

We provide many millions of call minutes to thousands of businesses throughout the UK. Due to our immense buying power, we buy our calls at wholesale rates, which we naturally pass on to our customers. We then utilise these savings directly so that we can build your office phone system package to include some of the lowest call rates in the industry.

By providing us with a copy of your bill we can perform a super quick comparison and analysis to find out how much you can save with us. It’s that simple.

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