Phone system top ten tips

Phone system top ten tips

Making Your Small Business Look Big

We know that different businesses have diverse phone system needs.  You may be perfectly happy with a basic business telephone system, and that’s OK. But ask yourself this: Are your competitors relying on the same basic phone systems they’ve been using for years? Can your phone system easily support your company’s goals for growth? And, perhaps most importantly, wouldn’t you like your small business to look bigger than it really is — to your customers as well as your competitors?

Upgrading to a newer telephony solution doesn’t have to cause downtime or disruption. Our tips look at how you can do so smoothly:

  1. Develop a strategy based on key business drivers

  2. Set up an inter-departmental team

  3. Decide on the process that suits you

  4. Select the right telephony supplier

  5. Prepare for typical concerns

  6. Work with your telephony supplier to develop a clear technical and functional rollout

  7. Understand the functionality of the phone system

  8. Understand the training needs

  9. Take the time to do it right

  10. Buy a leading brand