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Phone System Upgrades

Upgrading your existing business telephone system can provide you with so many easy-to-use features, ensuring that a missed call will never turn into a missed sales opportunity.

At Network Telecom we specialise in upgrading business phone systems, often at little or no extra cost to your business. What’s more; we’ll happily decommission your old phone system and remove the hassle for you. Our consultants will listen to all of your requirements and work with you to recommend the best upgrade solution for your business. Put simply; we take what you have already and make it better, often without increasing your costs.


Quickly transfer calls to your mobile if you’re away from the office, set yourself a professional voicemail, advertise your services to callers on hold, identify missed calls, analyse bottlenecks in your business and utilise call history with desktop integration. Our market leading phone systems do so much more than this and are proven to increase a company’s efficiency and productivity levels as well as delivering the tools to provide a superior service to their client base.

We do this by having access to wholesale rates that allow us to consolidate all of your services and pass on these cost savings to you and your business. Its about taking your current costs and looking at how we can spend your budget more wisely, improving your workplace technology and ability to communicate as part of the process.

We just need to know how many handsets and lines you require plus an overview of your current costs. We can then look to provide you with a new tailored package for a competitive and affordable price.

With every upgrade we look to provide:

A brand new, market leading telephone system
No upfront costs or capital outlay
Funded entirely by the savings we can make you 
Installation, project management and maintenance
Value-adding applications and features included as standard

Upgrade to Hosted Telephony

We can guide you on what works best for businesses like yours and how you can maximise the benefits that come with hosted telephony. Our detailed knowledge and experience allow us to assist you in devising your long term technology strategy. We will ensure you have the right connectivity in place to support a move towards cloud telephony and that you utilise the most appropriate features in terms of hardware, software and additional options.