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Our Approach

Offering a one stop solution for all your telecommunication needs, you can benefit from substantial savings on line rental, call charges, maintenance, broadband and mobile packages all delivered to you on one monthly bill.  

Having multiple bills from multiple providers for multiple products can be an operational nightmare. At Network Telecom we provide a complete, comprehensive review of your individual requirements. Our industry experts have years of experience in designing bespoke communication packages for businesses nationwide. From the initial consultation we'll recommend ways in which you can enhance your workplace efficiency and profitability, analysing your existing bills to identify potential savings. We help you take control of your telecoms expenditure because getting a high quality, stress-free service shouldn’t have to cost a premium.

When moving to a new business telecoms provider, it is important to ensure they provide a good balance between service and savings. Our independence allows us to scour the market for the most cost-effective solutions, rates and bundles, whilst undertaking a thorough audit of your existing telecoms costs.

Using a series of key questions, we gain a detailed understanding of your business, its challenges and needs both now and in the future. Our access to wholesale rates means we can adapt our pricing to meet clients’ needs. By using Network Telecom to deliver a single supplier solution, clients can also reduce administration time, lower costs and simplify their telecoms management.

We have helped hundreds of businesses across the UK to reduce their telecoms waste.

All our telecoms consultants are trained and experienced when it comes to identifying every day savings, not just one-off billing errors. By working in partnership with Network Telecom, our clients achieve significant cost control and enjoy savings that would be difficult to identify in-house.

We also help clients to use technology in smarter and more effective ways to help control their costs and boost workplace efficiencies.

For a free telecoms analysis and consultation get in touch.

Talk to us today to find out how much your potential saving could be. Don’t feel like ringing up? Simply email us a copy of your latest bills for analysis. We’ll perform a free communications review and let you know how much you could save or how you could get more from your current spend. 

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Whether you would like to book an appointment with a member of our friendly team, get a cost saving analysis of your current bills, or simply ask us for business telecoms advice, we would love to hear from you.


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