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Lines and Calls

At Network Telecom we make it easy to manage your costs and simplify  operations with a consolidated Lines and Calls package. Offering competitive rates on line rentals and calls, we'll design a package thats unique to you. 

We'll design a package that is tailored to your business and undertake regular reviews to ensure maximum cost savings are being achieved. Thanks to our wholesale rates, we can often save you substantial amounts whilst also improving your call and line quality. We offer a range of line types such as analogue, ISDN and modern day SIP. Our team will liaise with you to understand your current provision and make recommendations for improvements and savings. You can keep your existing telephone numbers no problem and they'll be no interruption to your service during any switch over to us.


The combination of cheap line rental, calls and ease of installation make our lines perfect for any size business.

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SIP Trunks

Being 30-50% cheaper than traditional telephone lines, SIP trunking is the fastest growing telephony service in the world. 

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Call Plans

We typically generate 25 – 35% of savings on your current bill by passing on the cost savings of wholesale rates.

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Whether you want to offer free, local, national or premium rates, we have a huge combination of phone numbers to choose from.

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Fraud Monitor

Our Fraud Monitor service protects your business by proactivley monitoring suspicious call activity on your lines 24/7.

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Level Care

Providing complete peace of mind, our Level Care packages ensure any faults are resolved as quickly as possible. 

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Disaster Recovery

We work to ensure minimum downtime and safeguard your business continuity, making sure your communications run smoothly at all times.

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