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Multi Sites

If your business operates in more than one location, we can provide you with a cost effective solution that will link all of your sites together through our cutting edge communication systems.

Our partnerships with world leading communication providers means that we can supply your business with a single, centralised phone system that operates over multiple sites. We remove the need to have a system in every location, significantly cutting costs and improving operational efficiency for your business.With advancements in technology comes the ability to link multiple sites into one fully integrated telephone system, regardless of the geographic distances between them.

Dial a colleague in your northern office from London using their normal extension number and pay no call charges at all. Your calls never leave the internal network we design for you. Have full visibility on the availability status of every handset across your organisation, regardless of where they are. You can even route an entire office’s calls to an alternative site with a couple of clicks – perfect for disaster recovery, out or hours or seasonal shut downs.