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Network Security

Every year thousands of UK businesses suffer from cyber fraud and network attacks that lead to serious implications such as data theft and significant financial losses. The solution to this growing threat is to invest in the right level of network security and ensure these attacks are stopped at their source.

The intelligence and complexity of these cyber threats has improved significantly in recent times and they are undoubtedly becoming more difficult to identify and prevent. The solution to this is simple; make sure that these threats are stopped at their source and prevented from entering a network in the first place. 

At Network Telecom we ensure around-the-clock protection through our offering of anti spam, anti virus and 'best in class' firewall protection. Offered as standalone services or combined with our cost effective IT support service, we can provide your business with all the tools necessary to keep your business safe.

We look to minimise the risks to your computer network security and the resulting disruption to your business with our comprehensive solutions for viruses, spam, adware, pop ups, spyware, and content filtering.

Simple to install and manage, we remove the complexity associated with choosing between a host of security products and 'add-on' services by integrating comprehensive network security in a convenient and affordable package.  As part of our IT support agreements, we ensure that your computer network is properly protected against hackers and viruses.


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