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10 Interesting facts about the telephone

In 2018 the telephone has a variety of features, functions and comes in a variety of types. From mobile phones (that we arguably couldn’t live without!) to desk phones that can connect an entire office at the click of a button, it is no secret that the telephone is not only an important part of our daily lives, but has changed a lot since it was first invented in 1876.

  1. The original telephone greeting was not “hello”
    “Ahoy” was the original telephone greeting suggested by Alexander Graham Bell who made the first phone call to Thomas A. Watson. This greeting was later changed to the one we still tend to use today – “Hello” – by Thomas Edison.
  2. Mobile phones contain gold
    A ton of mobile phones are said to contain more gold than a ton of ore from a gold mine due to gold being an effective electrical conductor and used as a microprocessor.
  3. The prefix 555 is reserved
    The phone prefix “555” is reserved for fictional US telephone numbers used in films and television series.
  4. Britain’s first mobile phone call was made in 1985
    The first mobile phone call to be made in Britain was made by veteran comedian Ernie Wise on the 1st of January 1985. It was made across the Vodafone network.
  5. The first transatlantic cable was used in 1956
    A telephone cable was run across the ocean floor at 12,000 feet in 1956 across the Atlantic Ocean. It ran from Canada to Scotland.
  6. The amount of mobile phones has overtaken the amount of people
    In 2014, there were more mobile phones in the world than people. In the UK, for example, there were 130 mobile phones per 100 people during that time.
  7. The first long distance call was made in 1892
    In 1892, AT & T built an interconnected long-distance telephone network which allowed for a call to be made between New York and Chicago.
  8. Phone numbers weren’t always numeric
    At first, phone numbers were alphanumeric. It was then changed to include just 2 letters at the beginning in order to identify the region.
  9. Alexander Graham Bell had a personal interest in acoustics
    It is thought that the motivation behind Bell creating the telephone was due to his mother, father and wife having hearing problems which meant he did a lot of research into acoustics.
  10. Alexander Graham Bell had a variety of other interests
    Creating the telephone wasn’t Bell’s only achievement. He was a very talented man with interests in other scientific fields including conducting medical research, searching for alternative fuel services, experimenting with metal detectors and developing hydrofoil watercraft.

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