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3 Reasons for Call Recording in SMEs

Call recording is becoming increasingly common for businesses in all industries and comes as a standard feature of modern business telephone systems, like the ones we offer here at Network Telecom. There are a huge variety of benefits that come with using call recording. Today we have focused on three of the biggest benefits of call recording that your business should take advantage of.

There is still a degree of myth around call recording that means some SMEs don’t utilise it despite its many advantages. Call recording in England is legal and, to ensure your business is GDPR compliant, you just need to inform the caller that they’re being recording if you’re going to be taking any personal information over the phone.

Improve training and overall performance

Call recording can be used to train your employees with real-life examples and real-life situations. Listening to real calls made to and from your business can increase the interest in the training and make it more interactive.

Recordings of both positive and negative calls can be used to improve the performance of both new and existing employees. They can be used to show not only what employees should be like on calls but also what they shouldn’t be like.

Ultimately, using call recording for internal training will lead to increased quality control over how your employees are talking to your customers.

Resolve disputes

Have you ever had an employee inform a client of their terms and conditions only for that client to turn around and dispute that they knew? This situation, and many others, is easily resolved with call recording. You can simply find the customer in your records, go to their call logs and replay the conversation. It is easy for you to then email this recording to the relevant parties.

Gain customer and product insight

Utilising call recording can help you to get an idea of how your customers are feeling towards your company and your products and services. It can also help to gain insight into specific campaigns you are running.

The reaction and opinion of your customers can be replayed and used to inform your product development team. This will result in your products and customer service being improved upon. This ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Listening back to calls will also give you insight into your call quality such as how long it takes for customers to get through to the relevant employee, how clear the call quality is and how quickly their questions are answered.

We offer our own call recording software NT Re-Call that comes as standard with our business telephone systems. It enables you to automatically capture each and every phone conversation that takes place in your organisation and means you can instantly replay them. If you would like to discuss call recording you can contact our friendly team on or 01952 221 327.


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