3 Reasons to switch to a cloud phone system

Cloud phone system

A cloud phone system is one of the top choices for businesses of all sizes and budgets, offering loads of great advantages and business benefits. But, in the current climate, many businesses are unsure if now is a good time to change their phone system. That’s why we have discussed the top three reasons why your business should consider switching to a cloud system today, to help your business both now and in the future.

Save your business money

Cost is at the forefront of every business decision at the moment so the fact that a cloud phone system is extremely cost effective is an important one. The majority of traditional phone systems will charge your business for every minute that is spent in a call, especially when it comes to international calls. As a result, each month your business will incur a different bill. However, this can be avoided using a hosted solution as the call charges are fixed. This means that you know what cost to expect each month, making it much easier to budget. In addition, hosted phone solutions mean no need for extra hardware or engineer visits, plus reduced line rental and call costs.

Better remote working

With most companies having to work from home a cloud phone system is perfect for setting your team up with a remote working solution as most handsets are plug and play meaning you simply plug the phone in, connect to WiFi and enjoy access to the system as if you were in the office.

You may find that your hosted phone system makes it easier for your team to work remotely in the future on a more regular basis which will, in turn, save your business money and give your team a better work life balance, while still being as productive. A hosted phone system will mean that your remote teams don’t have to feel remote. They will have access to everything they would usually utilise in the office, such as call transfers and presence controls.

Preparation for the ISDN switch off

Between now and 2025, traditional ISDN phone lines are being phased out, which means that businesses will need to upgrade to cloud phone systems. Hosted telephony will be essential which begs the question, if your business will have to switch in 5 years’ time, why not consider doing so now?

Upgrading now is easy. Your cloud phone system will work both in and out of the office, they work seamlessly with mobile apps allowing your team to turn their mobiles into desk phones plus, your calls will be made over your existing internet structure saving you money.

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