3 Tips for connecting your flexible workforce

Flexible Workforce

Flexible working has fast become one of the most popular practices for UK based businesses, with a large number of organisations offering staff the opportunity to work remotely. With benefits such as increased productivity, cost savings and better time management, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are adopting a more flexible approach. Thanks to technological advancements it’s now easier than ever to keep your flexible workforce connected.

  1. Office 365

Emails are still one of the primary methods of keeping in contact with your employees and no more so than when you have a flexible workforce. Our IT experts recommend using Office 365 as it resides in the cloud. This means that your emails will be accessible regardless of what device you are using and you’ll be able to access your emails from anywhere, at any time. With Office 365 you can also manage your calendar, as well as any documents sent via email, regardless of whether you’re at home or in the office.

When it comes to the cloud, we would also recommend using a cloud-based file sharing system to ensure that all documents are available to your remote workforce.

  1. VoIP Phone System

VoIP business phone systems come with a huge variety of features that make remote working even easier. Not only can certain phone models simply be plugged in elsewhere, but the calls themselves can be diverted to your mobile or to other members of your team to ensure a flexible workforce doesn’t mean missed calls and potential missed sales.

Video conferencing is fast becoming a preferred method of communication both internally and externally. It allows you to connect with your flexible workforce, regardless of where you are in the world.

  1. Business Mobiles

Business mobiles are an essential device for anyone working remotely. Business mobiles increase productivity and efficiency as your remote workforce will have access to their phone calls, call reports, emails and documents regardless of where they are. From a train ride to a customer’s site, your staff will be easily contactable.

Desk phones offer call diverts which make business mobiles imperative. Your staff are able to answer their calls as if they were in the office, making them more accessible than ever before. As business mobiles tend to be a necessity anyway, this means no additional costs for a flexible workforce.

If you would like to learn more about how our phone systems, IT services and business mobiles can help to connect your flexible workforce contact our friendly team on 01952 221 327 or enquiries@networktelecom.co.uk.


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