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4 common misconceptions about VoIP systems

With traditional lines (including ISDN circuits) starting to be phased out and many businesses moving to internet-based phone systems, the technology that we are using to communicate is changing. Our dedicated account managers and team of advisers have been working hard to speak to both our new and existing customers about future-proofing their phone systems and answering any questions they may have about VoIP (voice over internet protocol). To help to demystify IP technology, here are 4 of the most common misconceptions that we’ve encountered when discussing these systems.

1) VoIP is too complicated

VoIP implementation can actually be incredibly simple. If you need to get up and running quickly then there are multiple options for your business. For more control over your system there are on-premise solutions available and hosted options are ideal for fast and easy deployment. Once you have decided which option is most suitable for your business, your phones can be delivered and set up so that they are ready to plug in and use.

2) VoIP is too expensive

The expense of VoIP systems is a common myth. In fact, with VoIP you can enjoy lower international calling rates, free calling features and lower monthly service costs. With traditional phone systems you often need a separate device or service for a lot of your different communication needs, but with VoIP you can get rid of single use devices and enjoy voice, video, fax, voicemail and more – all in one feature-rich system.

3) VoIP has poor sound quality

Again, this isn’t the case. As long as your business has a reliable connection and enough bandwidth to handle your call volumes, you can enjoy HD quality audio.

4) VoIP is only for big businesses

We have spoken to a lot of small businesses who think that VoIP systems are reserved for enterprises and big businesses. However, the flexibility, scalability, mobile options and cost efficiencies of VoIP means that the technology is ideal for SMEs – keeping them talking whether they are in or out of the office, now and when they grow.

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