5 Must have VoIP phone features


VoIP phone systems offer a number of business benefits for your organisation. Offering significant cost savings and an increase in efficiency, productivity and profitability, they also come complete with a range of bottom-line-boosting functions.

Advertising on hold

With advertising on hold your customers will not only be a lot more inclined to stay on the line while waiting to be connected to the correct person or department but they will also learn more about your company while they wait. This reminds your customers that they are still in the queue. With 60% of callers hanging up when put on hold without any music, advertising or messages, this feature could really make the difference between a lost costumer and a potential sale.

Call Reporting

Call reporting, also known as call management, allows you to manage and analyse your communications to ensure that you better understand your calling patterns. In comparison with analogue lines that offer limited data, VoIP provides detailed reports that can be generated for more in-depth analysis. With call reporting you will be able to determine which departments or individuals are receiving the most calls, ensuring that they have support in order to lower the number of missed calls and therefore, potential missed customers.


Both video and call conferencing are becoming increasingly popular, so having a business phone system that supports these functions is imperative. VoIP telephone systems will allow you to make and participate in conference and video calls. They also offer additional features such as the ability to send files, chat messages and presentations, as well as an increase in collaborative options where users are able to share their calendars and even their desktops.

Auto Attendant

No customer, and certainly no potential customer, likes to be passed from department to department before getting through to the right person. With Auto Attendant, this simply doesn’t occur. This smart feature will answer the phone, greet callers with a customised message and provide a menu of options. Callers will then go straight through to the correct person or department, meaning less waiting time for them and more sales for your business.  

Call Recording

Call Recording is a simple but effective way to get the best out of your team and to ensure that you’re providing excellent customer service. Improving employee performance, clarifying information and solving any potential miscommunications can be easily dealt with by accessing and viewing call recordings. All incoming and outgoing calls within your business will be automatically captured and recorded, allowing you to then replay them at the touch of a button. Once a function that only large organisations adopted, Call Recording is now being introduced into SME businesses across the UK, at a rapid rate.

VoIP telephone systems are essential for small businesses. If you would like to learn more about our VoIP offering, get in touch with our team today on 01952 221 327 or enquiries@networktelecom.co.uk.


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