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5 tips for a successful video conference call

Does your business use video conferencing units? Maybe you operate with a remote workforce and regularly conduct meetings over Skype or a similar video calling service? Whether you’re speaking to colleagues, customers or prospects, sitting in front of a screen to make a call can be daunting and often comes with its stumbling blocks – particularly if your business internet connection isn’t reliable.

As a company that specialises in business connectivity, and with a team that makes video calls regularly, we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for making sure that your conversations go smoothly.

1. Check your lighting

The obvious difference between a video call and a traditional voice call is that you can see each other – unless you are sitting in poor light that is. Try and ensure that you’re facing or sitting side-on to your light source so that the other participants can see you clearly. Nobody wants to video call with a faceless silhouette!

2. Dress the part

Even if you’re joining a video call from the comfort of your own living room, resist the temptation to wear your joggers and slippers. By dressing smartly, not only will you avoid the embarrassment of standing up mid-call and showing off your loungewear, but you will feel more professional and perform more effectively.

3. Make eye contact

One of the most awkward things about a video conference call can be figuring out where to look. If you look at the lens then it will seem like you’re making eye contact with the other participants, but if you look at the image on the screen then you can see the other people in the call. We’d recommend trying to look at the lens where possible as eye contact always seems more personal.

4. Test your set up

Planning to share slides and links during your call? Is this the first time you’ve used new hardware like speakers or a microphone? It’s advisable to test your set up beforehand and send over any materials in advance to avoid any hiccups on your call – particularly if you are relying on a temperamental internet connection. A test video call with a colleague beforehand is always a good idea.

5. Make sure you have a good internet connection

If video conference calls are going to be a regular part of your business communications then it’s important that you have a fast and reliable internet connection. From basic business broadband to fibre and dedicated leased lines, there are many solutions available to keep your business connected.

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