5 Tips for effectively managing remote workers

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular with some companies being run entirely from home, while others have employees who work from home on an occasional basis. We previously discussed how to avoid the security risks of working remotely, but today we focus on managing remote workers effectively. Working remotely offers a number of benefits, especially because of the flexibility it provides and the costs it saves both the company and individual employees. Offering remote working opportunities can not only improve the morale of your existing workforce, but it can open up employment opportunities to a new group of candidates who are, for example, in a different geographical area. Regardless of the frequency or reason of your employees working remotely, it is important to ensure that you have the tools to effectively manage remote workers.

  1. Set clear expectations

It is important that when your employees are working out of the office they have clear goals to work towards and know exactly what is expected of them. This will result in your employees being able to work optimally towards their goals and be as productive as possible. In addition, it will give you a clearer way to know whether working remotely is successful for your employees.

  1. Engage regularly

One of our main recommendations is to ensure that you have methods in place allowing you to engage with your remote workers on a regular basis. When employees are working in-house it is much easier for them to just pop their head around the door to ask any questions they may have. It is important that your remote workers know how to get hold of you throughout the day and feel comfortable in doing so.

  1. Have full trust in your team

Having staff members working away from the office will undoubtedly require a certain amount of trust, not only to work productively and to reach their goals, but to be responsible with the data they have access to in non-work environments. We suggest having a good rapport with your employees before suggesting they work remotely. If this is not possible, make sure there are legalities in place to protect any company assets that the employee may be utilising.

  1. Communicate effectively

Communication is key when you have remote workers as part of your team. Whether it is a quick phone call, an email or a conference call, communications you do have need to be high quality and effective to ensure that both you and your remote employees know where they stand.

  1. Ensure your remote workers have the correct equipment

It is essential that remote workers have access to the equipment they need to complete their tasks as if they were physically in the office. We recommend a business mobile with a large data offering to ensure that if your remote employee needs to work without direct access to a computer or tablet they will be able to use their mobile phone. As well as a laptop or tablet we would also recommend that your remote workers take their desk phones home with them – if that is possible like it is with NT Multimedia.

We have a variety of services that will help you to effectively manage your remote workers from the latest business mobiles to VoIP desk phones. If you would like to learn more about any of our business telecoms services give our friendly team a call on 01952 221 327 or send them an email on enquiries@networktelecom.co.uk.


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