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What will 5G mean for your business?

5G, the fifth generation of mobile technology, is beginning to be introduced to certain parts of the UK and many businesses are asking what this means for them, their technology and their telecommunications.

What actually is 5G?

In 2018 the government announced that the West Midlands, home to Network Telecom’s HQ, had been selected to become the UK’s first multi-city 5G test bed, meaning that the region would pilot one of the earliest phases of the UK-wide 5G rollout. This is because 5G is still in the early phases of being rolled out worldwide meaning businesses are still uncertain as to how 5G will impact them. The full rollout of 5G is only expected in 2020.

What makes 5G different from the previous generations is that it has the unique characteristic of being created for businesses as opposed to consumers. This means it will be mainly businesses who reap the rewards. In addition, it is being deployed very differently in comparison to its predecessors which suggests the major changes it will bring.

5G is marketed as a high-speed replacement for Wi-Fi, with the cost of 5G being significantly lower. However, it is expected to work with Wi-Fi and 4G technologies as opposed to replacing them, especially straight away. The benefits of 4G and Wi-Fi will be combined to provide high speeds and more reliable connections that are expected to impact almost all industries and completely transform some. It will undoubtedly have a huge impact on telecommunications, press, health care and security.

The introduction of 5G will be critical to some services and technologies including driver-less cars and remote surgery. As well as the many business benefits, there will also be a number of consumer benefits due to the growth it will allow for 3D, holograms, augmented reality and virtual reality on smartphones.

The Impact of 5G on Businesses

Feature-rich mobiles. 5G will undoubtedly have a big impact on business mobiles not only the features of the phones themselves but it will allow providers to extend their rollouts to more people worldwide through wireless technologies. Although new business mobiles will be 5G enabled this year these features won’t be of use until 5G is more commonly available in 2020.

Internet of Things. One of the biggest impacts of 5G will be on the Internet of Things (IoT) as it will be deployed on a huge scale due to the transferring speeds and processing power it will create.

Faster bandwidth speeds. Ultimately, 5G will mean that your business will have access to substantially faster bandwidth speeds and much lower latency meaning your communications will not only be faster and clearer but without any interruptions.

Increased browsing speeds. The biggest impact on business will be the increase in browsing speeds which are said to be around 7 times faster than 4G which makes working on business mobiles and video conferencing much more efficient. This is likely to contribute to a large increase in remote workers. It will also allow companies to have more face-to-face interactions with their customers, regardless of where they are located.

More video. 5G will inevitably improve the way businesses distribute video content. This will have positive effects on both sales and marketing as well as internal and external training. 5G will also encourage more businesses to not only start to use video within their businesses but to move to cloud-based software.

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