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ADSL and fibre broadband compared

ADSL vs Fibre Broadband

It goes without saying that business broadband is essential for all organisations when it comes to keeping their business’ online. However, it is often the case that businesses are unsure of the differences between ADSL and Fibre or which is right for their business.

What is ADSL Broadband?

ADSL is a standard business broadband offering a fast speed internet connection. It is a big step up from your traditional home broadband solution as it offers more resilience and higher speeds. Plus, the costs are fairly low.

Most ADSL broadband offers businesses ADSL 2+ which is the most common business broadband connection, despite the growth of fibre. ADSL + offers speeds of up to 25mbps meaning fast upload speeds suitable for sending large attachments when necessary.

ADSL broadband is what we would recommend for SMEs that don’t require internet to support their phone system, but simply need fast browsing speeds and a reliable connection.

What is Fibre Broadband?

Fibre broadband is much newer than ADSL broadband and it is marketed as being the faster alternative to ADSL. It is often referred to as “Superfast Broadband”.

Fibre broadband provides businesses with a super-fast connection directly to their premises and offers them up to 80mbps download speeds and 20mbps upload speeds which are up to five times faster than standard ADSL broadband.

We would recommend fibre broadband to businesses who use a VoIP phone system over their internet connection as well as businesses with a heavy internet usage via multiple users, offices or devices.

Which is right for your business?

Firstly, it is important to note that it depends which type of business broadband is available in your area. The government are currently funding the implementation of full fibre so that all businesses and households will have fibre broadband available to them by 2022. So, it is a possibility that fibre may not be available in your area. We would recommend contacting a reputable telecoms company who will be able to do a broadband check using your businesses postcode.

If you are looking to upload as much as you download, for example if you are using a VoIP business telephone system, then we recommend Fibre broadband. It will carry a similar, or slightly higher, cost but it will mean a seamless broadband connection.

Alternatively, if your business does not heavily rely on your broadband connection it makes sense to save costs and utilise an ADSL broadband connection.

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