Are you getting the best deal on your lines and calls?

Phone calls are still one of the most popular ways for businesses to communicate (both internally and externally) so having the best value lines and calls package is imperative.

Existing Lines and Calls Package

You may have had a lines and calls package for some time but, even though you were happy with it originally, you need to ensure that it is a still good deal for your business and meets your current needs. In order to check the efficiency and suitability of an existing lines and calls package, we suggest you look at the following:

  • Review your latest phone bill. It will include a summary page showing the number of minutes you use and the length of each of your calls as well as displaying the types of number you call i.e local landlines or mobiles. Decide whether the package is suited to your current call needs.
  • Check that you are not paying a connection fee for each of your calls. Many providers (like Network Telecom) no longer insist on connection fees so if you’re paying them, you should query this.
  • Consider whether you have the correct level care package for your needs. Your business may have expanded since you first took out your lines and calls package and so you may need to increase your level care offering.

New Lines and Calls Package

You may be looking for a brand-new package that is better suited to what your business requires. As experts in lines and calls packages we have compiled the following recommendations for choosing a new lines and calls package:

  • Look into a consolidated lines and calls package that has everything included
  • Consider a bespoke package that is tailored to your needs
  • Choose a telecoms provider that has access to wholesale rates
  • Remember that call quality is dependent on line quality so we suggest contacting potential providers and discussing the best option for your needs.

Lines and Calls Packages with Network Telecom

At Network Telecom we are typically able to generate savings of 22-35% on your current bill by passing on the cost savings of our wholesale rates. We understand that competitive call rates are one of the deciding factors when choosing a package so we offer extremely competitive call rates and no call connection fees.

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