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BT price increase – what are your options?

Whether you have been a BT Business customer for a few weeks or a number of years you will, most likely, have experienced at least one BT business price increase. The latest of which occurred on the 1st of October when BT Group, the UK’s largest provider of phone lines, calls and broadband increased its standard prices yet again. This has led many BT Business customers to ask the question of what their options are.

Current BT Business customers have three options following the latest price increase.

The first option is to simply stay with your current BT business plan and accept the price increase. This will mean that you will need to pay the increased price and potentially be affected by future price increases too.

Alternatively, the second option is to contact BT directly about the price increase to inform them that you are not happy to pay the increased price. You may be able to come to a compromise with them that enables you to continue to pay your original price instead of the new increased price.

However, this is done on a case by case basis and is unlikely to work for the majority of customers or on multiple occasions.

The third, and arguably the smartest, option is to move to a different broadband provider who does not regularly increase its prices without making vast improvements to justify them.

In choosing the third option you could make substantial savings moving forward by avoiding regular and unnecessary price increases. Changing providers to a company like Network Telecom will save you substantial costs in the future. Plus, if you are a business with ten or less full time employees, you are entitled to leave your current BT business contract penalty free!

At Network Telecom, we could save you money on your lines, calls and broadband. Not to mention, we endeavour to keep our costs as competitive as possible meaning no regular price increases.

Plus, we’ll never charge you a connection fee, whereas BT Business charge up to 28p per call. Moving to Network Telecom will allow you to not only get a better deal on your lines, calls and broadband but it will give you the opportunity to consolidate all your communications bills into one simple monthly bill.

For more information on how Network Telecom is the answer to your BT Business price increase problems, contact our knowledgeable team today on 01952 221 327 or


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