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What to expect from business mobiles in 2019

Last year there were so many big developments in the world of business mobiles which begs the question, what should we expect from business mobiles in 2019? We predict that the big news for business mobiles this year will focus on; 5G, battery life, camera quality, face recognition and foldable phones to mention just a few.

The battery life of business mobiles has been a priority for manufacturers in the last few years. With the increase in remote working, extended battery life is extremely important as employees need to have their phones working for, quite often, longer than an average working day. This is also leading to improvements in mobile phone charging as wireless charging is expected to become a lot more mainstream this year. Charging speeds are a priority for most mobile phone manufacturers despite some phones already offering up to 50% charging capacity in just half an hour.

The use of cameras on business mobiles is another feature that’s growing in importance. More and more employees are having to use the camera on their business mobiles for work purposes. From marketing executives updating their company’s social media on the go to lawyers taking pictures of important notes, the camera is being used more and more regularly. This year Xiaomi intend to create a phone with a 48 mega pixel camera, which will be record breaking. LG has also started to create a phone with a 16 lens design. It is also expected that there will be changes from the current hole-punch front facing cameras to newer pop-up front facing cameras.

Face recognition is going to become the “new normal” when it comes to unlocking business mobile phones, which is a feature welcomed by employees in all industries. Not only does this make unlocking your business mobile phone on the go a lot easier, but it is much more secure than the traditional pin or pattern. On top of face recognition, “in-display fingerprint scanners” may also become a popular alternative on all screen models.

One of the announcements that has created the most buzz so far is the introduction of foldable mobile phones – something the industry hasn’t seen before. Samsung has already released a prototype of their foldable phone and are expected to release more information next month. The main benefit of foldable phones will be the significantly bigger displays that they offer which will undoubtedly appeal to business users.

Although it is unlikely to be readily available this year, we couldn’t discuss predictions for business mobiles this year without mentioning 5G. We expect 5G to be a huge selling point of the new models released this year. There is expected to be continuous work on the implementation of 5G networks across the country with more and more phones being released with 5G capabilities.

In addition to the main focus points of business mobiles, there will inevitably be new versions of Android and other operating systems available. We also expect to see bigger screens and dual-display screens.

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