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How day and night mode can impact your business

One of the easiest ways that small and medium sized businesses alike can adapt their office phone systems to fit with business opening hours is with day/ night mode. Whether you are set up with a traditional PBX phone system or a hosted solution, this basic feature could help to improve both your efficiency and customer service levels.

Simply put, day/night modes are two different sets of rules – one set for during the day in business hours and the other set for closing time when there is nobody at work.  During the day, you may have your usual auto attendant, call hunting and advertising on hold set up however, at night, these presets may need to change.

Instead, you can set up call diverts, voicemails and different greetings to ensure that your customers are able to leave a message out of hours and are informed about when your business will reopen. Night mode can act as an autopilot for your business to ensure that missed calls out of hours don’t mean missed sales opportunities.

As day and night modes can be easily activated and deactivated, this feature allows businesses to easily manage their phone systems and take control of the way that calls are handled and directed when they come into the office.

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