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Essential phone system features for the hospitality industry

Phone system features for hospitality industry

Being able to communicate effectively, both with external potential customers as well as guests and staff is crucial and can be the difference between a customer choosing to stay at your hotel again or looking elsewhere. This is why we have compiled the essential features of business phone systems for the hospitality industry.

Maximising the customer experience

Every business has a number of processes, procedures and needs that are individual to them. With this in mind, it’s imperative to ensure you select a business phone system that’s tailored to your specific requirements. Th efficiency in which hotels are able to communicate directly impacts their customer’s satisfaction, making business phone systems an integral factor in their profitability. The highly competitive hospitality industry continues to grow at a fast pace, with customers, as well as employees both requiring the use of a multi-functional phone system – a unique requirement in comparison to other industries.

In comparison to other business phone systems, the hospitality industry requires a number of key features available on specific handsets. For example, certain handsets will need to be configured for guest use, with a certain selection of functions available in these phones.

What business phone system features could positively impact a guest’s stay?

  • A pre-loaded guest mailbox welcoming the customer to the hotel
  • Pre-loaded wake up calls
  • Conferencing facilities for customers travelling for business
  • Privacy features such as Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Recorded information, allowing visitors to access the hotels services at the touch of a button.
  • Certain functions can be made available for certain rooms dependent upon room rates
  • CTI will enable more personalisation, for example when the guest calls reception the receptionist will know their name before they answer
  • The instant messaging feature can be used to easily book reservations at the hotel facilities, such as the restaurant or spa.

Updated technology and new handsets such as NT Multimedia can offer customisation, which is often a differentiating factor between average and excellent service.

Considerations for choosing your hotel’s business telephone system:

Our telecoms experts have compiled a list of the top considerations to take into account when choosing a phone system within the hospitality industry.

  • The number of calls you are expecting to make and receive at any one time
  • Potential expansion of the business, if you have any growth plans you need to ensure that your phone system is scalable
  • You may need a phone system that is compatible with a range of accessories, such as headsets
  • Choose features that would take your customer experience to the next level, such as the ability to control the lights in rooms via the phone system and connecting smartphones to the room phones.

If you would like to discuss a traditional business phone system or a hosted business phone system for your hotel or B & B simply get in touch with our friendly team on 01952 221 327 or


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