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Fraud Monitor and how it protects you

Did you know that telephone fraud, or ‘Dial-in Fraud’ as it’s commonly known, is now the largest type of fraud in the UK? Costing businesses over £1.5 billion a year, telephone fraud is four times greater than credit card fraud and results in huge problems for large and small businesses alike.

The third most targeted country in the world, the UK sees 84% of its business vulnerable to hacking and an average cost of £10,000 per incident. Worldwide, telephone fraud costs businesses £40 billion a year, with 2% of all calls made classed as fraudulent.

Hackers are getting smarter and more inventive day by day, constantly evolving their methods, advancing the technology they use and bypassing call monitoring software.

The statistics are overwhelming and unfortunately criminals are now able to hack into even the most technologically advanced business phone systems.  Many companies will never know that they have been targeted by telephone fraud until their bill arrives, faced with charges of thousands of pounds after their lines have been used to ring premium rate phone numbers set up abroad. They find themselves liable for substantial charges that they have no knowledge of.

As the lifeline of most businesses, office telephone systems are vital to both profits and operations. However, without the correct security measures and precautions in place, a business phone system can also be a business’ biggest overlooked risk. Without vital protection, companies are leaving themselves open and vulnerable to becoming victim to thousands of pounds worth of fraudulent phone bills.

With Fraud Monitor, Network Telecom protects your calls 24/7 thanks to our dedicated monitoring system. If we spot any suspicious activity, we will contact you immediately and set up a call barring service that will prevent any further charges from being incurred. With Fraud Monitor, we can help you to stop fraudulent activity sooner and save you thousands of pounds with our alerts. Included with all our phone system packages, as a Network Telecom customer you can benefit from Fraud Monitor’s protection, giving you peace of mind now and in the future.

For a small monthly fee, with scalable costs based on the number of lines at your business, you will be fully protected against telephone fraud with Network Telecom covering any call costs and charges that result from hacking.

Call 01952 221 327 to speak to one of our expert team and to learn more about how to get the most out of your business phone system.



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