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How to get an extra hour each day with your technology

There are few things more stressful than a snowballing to do list. Unexpected meetings and a sudden flurry of emails can railroad even the most succinct trains of thought. If you’re tired of finishing the working day without achieving half the things you wanted to, then here’s how managing your tech could help you get an hour back each day.

Check you’re getting a reliable internet connection

A slow internet connection is one of the biggest time wasters at work. Inefficient technologies can leave you waiting for programmes to load and frustrated with a frozen screen. Ensure you have enough bandwidth for your business requirements and keep operations running smoothly.

Allocate time for emails

How many genuinely critical emails do you get each day? With the average inbox receiving over 100 emails per day, you can easily get distracted from the task in hand. By allocating specific times to check your inbox, you can prioritise your workload and maintain your concentration levels.

Schedule less meetings

Holding meetings about meetings? Conversations running on for too long? Ask yourself if updates can be done over email, video calls or instant messenger instead and, when meetings are necessary, always go in with clear agendas and necessary outcomes.

Make the most of mobile integration

Business doesn’t have to stop just because you’re away from your desk. With mobile integration you can make your smart phone an extension of your office phone system and remain productive wherever the day may take you.

Utilise CTI

By integrating your IT and phone systems, when a customer calls in you’ll be presented with all their information and notes held on your CRM system. You can begin conversations accordingly without wasting time going over their details again.

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