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Headsets, why use them?

As a business, we are always looking for ways to help our customers improve their productivity and communicate with their customers more efficiently. One of the simplest things that we recommend is the use of headsets. But why are they such a valuable part of your business’ telecoms set up and how could they benefit your employees?

Free up your hands!

By using headsets to operate your business phone system, you can free up your hands to make notes, open documents and update your CRM system. This is particularly useful if you have CTI as any notes you create while you’re on a call will appear automatically when the customer next rings in. With your hands free to multitask while you’re speaking on the phone, you can increase productivity and the amount of admin you have to do when you hang up. You’re also less likely to forget any details!

Freedom of movement

When you answer a call that needs a bit of privacy, or if you like to walk around while you speak, a wireless headset is ideal. A headset allows you to get away from your chair, stretch your legs and keep yourself focused without the distractions of your desk. You can give each and every call the attention it deserves and duck into a private meeting room where necessary.

Correct your posture

It’s so easy to pick up your handset and automatically slump down in your chair. We all do it, but it’s a bad habit to get into. If you suffer from neck ache or back pain then a headset could be a useful way of correcting your posture and sitting up tall, keeping your body and your mind healthy.

Improve clarity and sound quality

As the microphone on your headset sits close to your mouth and is fixed in place, by opting for a headset instead of a traditional handset you could improve the clarity and sound quality of your calls. Some headsets have noise cancelling technology which can further add to the sound quality and your ability to limit distraction from your working environment.

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