How bespoke phone systems can make you money

Bespoke phone systems

Bespoke can be a word that carries with it a connotation of extreme expense, especially in regard to goods designed to create individuality, profile and status. However, within the telecoms industry businesses are recognising the many advantages to providing their customers with products and services that include bespoke features as standard.

They acknowledge that in a highly competitive, densely saturated market, customers will no longer settle for generic, undynamic solutions that produce the same functions as they’ve always done. Organisations want to showcase their unique brand through the products and services they use and more importantly, they want high quality without a high price tag.

With these considerations in mind, our tech experts have put together a useful list of communication solutions that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your business and your customers, whilst saving and making you money:

Music and Advertising on Hold

Customers are the most important aspect of your business and missing any of their calls could mean a potential financial loss. With a staggering 60% of callers hanging up when put on hold without any music, messages or advertising on the line, ensuring you have one or all of these features could really be the difference between a lost or gained sale. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services and increase customer confidence in your brand. Advertising current offers, sharing important announcements, or even sharing a list of helpful tips are just a few of the options you have. With a large percentage of providers offering Music and Advertising on Hold services as standard with their business and hosted phone system packages, there really is no excuse to not take advantage of this simple but effective bespoke feature.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) links your traditional business or hosted phone system with your office computer, resulting in a more dynamic and feature rich communications experience. Integrating your IT system with your phone system also allows for an increase in productivity and efficiency. From a bespoke perspective, by combining CTI with your CRM system, you can significantly enhance customer relationships within your business. For instance, when you receive a call from a customer, you will instantly be presented with all of their information held on the system, as well as the caller’s ID and details, thus creating potential for a more personable and meaningful customer interaction.

Mobile Integration

Turning your mobile into an extension of your business phone system allows for much more flexibility within any business and presents more ways in which to communicate with your customers and colleagues. Additionally, having a more readily available workforce, regardless of location, can really help to create confidence and trust within customers. From a financial standpoint, you will experience cost savings as calls made to and from your office that never leave the IP network will be completely free of charge. Integrating with your business phone system, calls can be routed using the IP network and connected as a standard rate call. For remote workers, mobile integration is particularly advantageous, with a range of services available to them via mobile including conference calling, transferring and ‘call back later’ when on the go. Caller ID will also be displayed, with the names and contact information for anyone stored in their company or mobile address book.

 Video Conferencing

Introducing video conferencing into your arsenal of communication tools is a great way to create a more personable relationship with your customers and colleagues and much like Mobile Integration, you can experience a more flexible approach to working, with the ability to speak face to face with anyone, regardless of time and location. Furthermore, video conferencing provides a strong competitive advantage for your business. There’s no benefit to being second, but with a unified communications system such as Video Conferencing, your business can flourish through effective collaboration and improved productivity. State of the art video phones such as NT Multimedia, provide free HD calls to ensure you’re receiving maximum quality for minimum cost.

If you’d like more information on any of these features, or how we can provide you with a business or hosted phone system to meet your individual needs, please call a member of our team on 01952 221 327 or email




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