How can your business save energy?

How can your business save energy?

Looking to get greener for 2020? It’s big energy saving week so we wanted to lend a hand by discussing the ways that your business can become more environmentally conscious, through your business telephone system, while also suggesting some general office energy saving tips.

Your office phone system no longer needs to be seen as a drain on your company’s energy bills, especially as it’s such a crucial piece of office equipment for every single business. Phone systems, such as NT Multimedia, can actually help you to save energy in the following ways:

  • Apps, such as Hive, that can be downloaded to your desk phone, allow you to control your light and heat settings from your desk. This means that you can easily turn down the heating when it’s not required, saving energy. You can also turn lights off in areas of the office that are not in use. This stops lights from being left on after everyone leaves as you are able to turn them off remotely.
  • Utilising the video calling feature will help you reduce carbon emissions from your company. You no longer need to create additional carbon emissions by driving to meetings or other sites as you can have a virtual meeting through your desk phone. Video calling also allows your remote workers to stay remote whilst still feeling like part of the team as they are only a video call away.
  • Staggered working hours and remote working could allow your business to reduce peak demand – the time when most energy is used. Having a desk phone with the plug and play feature allows you to work whenever and wherever you like. This means that not only can you reduce your energy usage but you can also offer flexible working hours to your employees. Talented remote workers and helping the planet? It’s a win-win!
  • You can save energy on the phones themselves by dimming the screen lighting to preserve energy.

It’s not just your current business phone system that can save you energy, so can your old office phone system! Upgrading to a VoIP phone system will, on average, use less energy than traditional phone systems and recycling your old phone system will benefit the environment and save you money.

This is why we offer our scrappage scheme. The scheme enables businesses like yours to recycle their old telephone system and receive £750 cash for doing so. As an environmentally conscious provider we then recycle the components of the old system to create a brand-new office phone system for you. This not only helps the environment, but it will help your business to review your current telecoms needs which are sure to have evolved since you originally installed your old phone system.

Of course, you can save energy in your office in many more ways than just through your business phones. You can turn off computers and monitors when not in use, utilise energy efficient lightbulbs, switch to laptops instead of computers, go paperless and use a water machine instead of a kettle.

If you’d like to learn more about how a new business phone system, like NT Multimedia, can not only help your business to become more energy conscious but transform the way it communicates, contact our team today on or 0333 3603 723.


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