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Mobile phone usage in the UK

According to data from Ofcom, the communications regulator in the United Kingdom, there are more mobile phone subscriptions than there are people in the UK.

Given the number of newborns and children that are simply too young to have a mobile phone contact (at least so we think) only enhances how incredible that stat is.

Mobile phones are only getting more powerful with each passing year – it wasn’t so long ago that we were amazed by the game ‘Snake’.  And then a coloured screen.  Now-a-days many smartphones are more powerful than your PC or laptop and 66% of UK households own at least one.

Owners are now spending more time browsing the internet on their phone than they are on their PC or laptop. Data from Ofcom shows that a user spends 114 minutes on the internet, on average, on their mobile phone, compared to 69 minutes on a PC or laptop.

Communication was what a phone was originally built for and that’s exactly what it continues to do. The time spent on apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp are ever increasing – as with new formats such as Snap Chat.

Network Telecom have taken the time to compile some amazing mobile phone statistics and have put them together for you in a handy graphic.


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