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How to determine your business’ bandwidth needs

Have you thought about how many devices in your business use the internet? Mobiles, VoIP phones, laptops, desktops, printers? When you add them all up and consider each point of connection, determining your business’ bandwidth needs can feel quite overwhelming. But, by taking the time to break down your usage and figure out what speeds you need, you can work to avoid any unnecessary downtime and reduced productivity.

To start your calculations, figure out when your business’ peak usage internet period is – the time of day when the most devices are online at the same time – and then you can use the below segments as a guide to add up your bandwidth.

Low usage – 100 Kbps or under

Low usage devices including VoIP phones as well as computers and laptops that are used for basic web browsing and emails.

Medium usage – 100-500 Kbps

Medium usage devices used for activity such as downloading, streaming, emailing and intensive web browsing. You’ll probably find that most of your business’ laptops and computers come under this category.

High usage – 500Kbps – 2.0Mbps

Devices used for running cloud-based software as well as uploading and downloading data. This also includes devices that are used for activities such as SD video conferencing and accessing CRM platforms.

Intensive usage – 2.0Mbps+

Devices used for HD video conferencing.

By accurately determining your business’ bandwidth, you can make plans to upgrade to an internet-based phone system, keep your business connected and enjoy a reliable WiFi connection. For more information about finding the right internet connection for your business, get in touch with our team on 01952 221 327 or email


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