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How to protect your business from telephone fraud

Overtaking credit card fraud, telephone fraud is now the most common and costly type of fraud in the UK. Four times greater than credit card fraud, telecoms fraud, or ‘dial-in fraud’ as it’s sometimes known, is costing businesses over £1.5 billion a year. But what can you do to protect your business from falling victim to these criminal scams? Here are ten tips from the team here at Network Telecom.

  1. Lock down and restrict international and premium rate access if you don’t need it
  2. Change all your access codes and passwords, removing any default password settings. Be sure to avoid obvious choices like 000, 1234 and extension numbers
  3. Think about limiting call types per extension. Do all your users need to be able to make international and premium rate calls?
  4. Review, control and deactivate access via the company PBX for remote workers
  5. Make sure your dedicated comms room is secure and that access is restricted
  6. Ensure that you are fully familiar with the functionality and capabilities of your business phone system so that you can monitor and restrict access to any services that you don’t use
  7. Block access to mailboxes on the system that aren’t being used
  8. Keep an eye out for evidence of hacking such as calls outside of business hours and not being able to obtain an outbound line
  9. Regularly review call usage and identify any irregular calling patterns
  10. As a Network Telecom customer, you can take advantage of our Fraud Monitor service that is included with all our office phone system packages. This means that your calls will be monitored 24/7 and we will contact you immediately if we spot anything suspicious, setting up a call barring service to stop any further charges being made. If your business does become a victim of telecom fraud then all the costs and charges would also be covered by us.

If you have any more questions about telephone fraud and protecting your business, or would like to talk to a member of the team about our business phone system, call 01952 221 327 or email




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