How VoIP can benefit the medical profession

VoIP in medical practice

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is extremely beneficial for the medical profession. Not only does VoIP offer medical practices cost savings but it also increases patient and practitioner satisfaction. VoIP phone systems allow all calls to be made over a medical practice’s broadband connection as opposed to over a traditional phone line.

Cost Savings

With GP surgeries and NHS hospitals being typically overpopulated, phone and video phone appointments are slowly increasing in popularity. Being able to have an appointment over the phone not only frees up physical appointments but means that your patients are able to be seen to in a timelier manner. Utilising a VoIP phone system to make these calls could save your medical practice a significant amount of money due to the outgoing call costs being a lot less than traditional phone systems.

Customer satisfaction is one of the main aims in any industry but never more so than within the medical profession. The many features associated with VoIP phone systems such as CTI, call rerouting and auto attendant make for a number of advantages that can improve your customer satisfaction.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) connects your desk phone to your computer system and your Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. This offers huge benefits for medical practices like yours, including your receptionists and the nurses and doctors themselves.

With CTI, your receptionists will be able to see which doctors and nurses are available straight away, so they can avoid putting patients on hold while calling through to various doctors to see who is available. In addition, when one of your patients rings, their information will pop up on the screen of those being called so that they automatically have the patients details to hand, ready to help them. Furthermore, your receptionists will have access to the diaries of your doctors and nurses with CTI so that they will be able to book in appointments and lot quicker and much more easily.

Call Management

Call management makes it much easier for your patients to have their calls answered in a timely manner. Your medical practice can set calls to route to a different number or department entirely if a call goes a certain number of rings without being answered. This also allows medical practices with various practices in the area to transfer calls to each other at ease.

It goes without saying that medical practices experience a high number of calls on a regular basis. With an auto attendant (also known as a virtual assistant) callers can choose the exact department or person they need to go through to from an automated menu. This means that your callers are directed to the correct person much quicker, while also freeing up the time of your receptionists.

With the high number of calls that medical practices receive each day, it is simply not an option for your phone system to fail. With a VoIP phone system, a failover feature is put in place so that in the event of a physical failure- a power cut for example – your phone lines are still connected via the cloud meaning important calls will not be missed.

VoIP phone systems offer medical institutions a more reliable phone system with an increased number of benefits in comparison to a traditional phone system. They can help with the efficiency of both your receptionists and doctors and nurses, as well as reducing the number of physical appointments required.

The best VoIP phone system for your medical practice is dependent upon a variety of factors including the features you require, the size of the practice, how many sites you have and the system you already have in place. If you would like to learn more about our VoIP offering or receive some assistance to help you decide on the right VoIP system for your medical practice, get in touch with our team today. You can contact us on or 01952 221 327.


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