Is your traditional phone system costing you more than you realise?

Is your traditional phone system costing your business more than you realise

Is your business missing calls as a result of outdated features on your traditional phone system? Are these missed calls potentially leading to lost sales?

With 34% of callers hanging up and not calling back if their call is missed, can your business afford to be missing out on additional phone features that can alleviate this issue and increase your profitability?

What is a traditional phone system?

A traditional phone system offers basic hardware that relies on physical ISDN phone lines to function. These systems are usually on-site PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems. Created in the 1980’s, traditional phone systems running on ISDN lines work exactly as they did over 30 years ago.

With the imminent demise of ISDN lines taking place in 2025, businesses are being encouraged to move to a feature rich VoIP phone system that provides a more efficient, productive and future-proofed communication experience.

How could upgrading your traditional phone system save you money?

While traditional phone systems do have their advantages, they simply were not designed to accommodate modern working patterns such as mobile workforces, increased communications and flexible working.

These phone systems offer outdated technology that is expensive to maintain and have high monthly charges. In addition, replacement parts are difficult to source making the systems unsustainable, with the physical features and the technology becoming obsolete. In addition, because traditional phone systems don’t have the same collaborative and productivity increasing features of modern phone systems, this can negatively impact your profitability.

Your business will undoubtedly grow and unfortunately, a traditional phone system will most likely struggle to grow with you. The majority of traditional systems have a maximum number of handsets, unlike modern systems where you can add and take away with ease.

Customer demand and service are major reasons for upgrading to a traditional phone system. Modern phone system features such as call recording, CTI and advertising on hold can largely improve customer service which, in turn, will make your business money.

Ultimately, traditional phone systems are just not flexible or adaptable enough to suit the modern-day working environment. Upgrading your traditional phone system will not only sav your business money but it will save you time, improve your productivity and increase your customer service offering.

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