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NT Multimedia and the smart office

NT Multimedia home screen

When we say that “the future is here” thanks to NT Multimedia, we aren’t kidding. Operating on Android, this industry-leading desk phone can do anything that your smartphone or tablet can do, meaning that the infinite possibilities of the IoT are now available in your office. As well as having your emails, diary and documents on hand at the touch of a button, NT Multimedia enables you to download your favourite apps and turn your office into a smart office.

From controlling the temperature and adjusting your lighting, to video calling and having a coffee ready for you first thing in the morning, here are some of our favourite smart office apps that are compatible with NT Multimedia.

  • Philips Hue. Downloading this app to your NT Multimedia device and replacing your office light bulbs with smart bulbs means that you can adjust the colour and brightness of your lights or find the perfect natural light setting for optimal working conditions. Plus, you can turn the lights on and off with just one click.
  • Hive. Whether you want to control your home environment from the office so that the heating is on when you get back or set up your office with smart controls, Hive allows you to adjust your thermostats, see who’s at the door and check in on security cameras.
  • Sonos. Chilled Monday tunes or your favourite Friday feeling playlist? No matter the mood, you can use NT Multimedia to control each speaker in your office so there’s something for everyone.
  • Control the green office. Do you work in an office with lots of greenery and desk plants? The relaxing atmosphere may be ruined with dying plants when you forget to water them. But, with reminder apps like Plant Care Reminder, you can control the green office as well as the smart office to ensure you always remember to water the office plants.
  • Qmotion. With a smart shading system you can control your office blinds from the comfort of your desk using your NT Multimedia device.

For more information about NT Multimedia and how it could transform the way your business communicates, get in touch with our friendly team on or 01952 221 327.


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