PBX vs Hosted PBX

If your business is still using a traditional PBX phone system, now may be the perfect time to consider moving over to a hosted solution, to discover the multitude of benefits that cloud-based telephony can provide.

To help with your decision, our tech experts have taken a closer look at both solutions and provided a more detailed look at how Hosted PBX could enhance and elevate your business.

What is PBX?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private network used within businesses to communicate both internally and externally, via a range of channels including VoIP, ISDN or Analog. A PBX system also enables you to have more phones than physical phone lines and allows free calls between users. Additional features include the ability to transfer calls, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus and music or advertising on hold.

What is Hosted PBX?

Much like PBX, Hosted PBX is a private phone system used by businesses that allow them to make, receive and manage calls easily and affordably. Calls are made via the business’ internet connection, which means all internal calls are free or very low cost and other devices, such as mobiles, tablets and computers, can also be used to communicate. Unlike a PBX, the hosted system is stored, monitored and managed by Network Telecom, predominantly in the cloud. Therefore, the set-up and maintenance is the responsibility of Network Telecom and not the business, thus reducing cost and time and allowing for more effective and efficient communication for users.

Why consider moving to a Hosted PBX?

Additional Features

With dynamic, future proof features to save you both time and money, including Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Call Recording, Call Management, and Mobile Convergence, a hosted PBX system will enable your business to connect with colleagues and customers in even more ways than a traditional PBX system would. Additionally, productivity for your remote and flexible workers won’t suffer, with the ability to connect from a range of devices, regardless of location.


Because the system is managed by Network Telecom, outside of your business premises, there are significantly fewer costs in regard to potential repairs and maintenance. Additionally, a hosted PBX system requires little to no infrastructure or installation, as it runs via an internet connection, therefore saving you even more money.


A hosted PBX system will enable your communication solutions to grow seamlessly with your business, without any interruptions to your systems. You’ll be able to add additional phone lines, extensions and connect to mobile devices without facing potential limitations imposed by the traditional PBX hardware.

Outsourced Maintenance

With maintenance and management of the hosted PBX system taking place off-site, you won’t have to dedicate staff, time and money to the on-site running of your infrastructure. Furthermore, your business will experience a boost in productivity due to the fact that a hosted PBX system doesn’t need to be taken offline for updates or repairs.

Enhanced Reliability

You can be assured, that with a hosted PBX system, you will be able to connect to each and every call without any lagging response times, delays or decreases in call quality. In comparison to traditional PBX that can experience issues with quality, a hosted PBX system is guaranteed to provide clear reception on each call.

Disaster Recovery

When unforeseen events occur, such as power cuts, extreme weather conditions and fires, the first thing to experience issues is usually your phone system. Potential downtime of your communications solutions can greatly affect your bottom line and have serious implications for the future of your business. However, with a hosted PBX system, these instances are far less of a concern, due to the fact that your infrastructure is protected in a hosted environment. Therefore, should an emergency occur, your connectivity should still be able to function.

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