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Phone systems for the hospitality and leisure sector

Do you run a popular hotel or a busy leisure centre? Maybe you manage a restaurant or a sports facility? Whatever your occupation, we know that the hospitality and leisure sector poses a number of specific challenges when it comes to finding the right business phone system and communications package to suit your needs.

With employees often working across a site rather than being based at a desk and staff regularly attending meetings remotely, accompanied by the fact that businesses in this industry often have multiple departments that incoming calls need to be simply directed to, there are key areas and opportunities where our bespoke telecoms solutions and business phone systems can help to increase both the productivity and profitability of your operations.

Here are a just a few of the ways that our business phone systems and popular features can benefit the hospitality and leisure sector:

  • Using our ‘voicemail to email’ feature means you will be alerted straight away when you’ve missed a call so that you can ring back and secure a booking before your potential customer goes to a competitor. You can also use call reporting to see if you are missing any calls (and potential sales) out of hours and then decide if you need to adjust your opening hours to maximise on incoming calls.
  • CTI integrates your CRM system with your phone system so that, when a customer calls in, the details and notes you hold about them will appear on your screen (eg. Mr Smith usually likes the table in the corner and has the taster menu). This means you can start the call in a personal manner and make your customers feel valued.
  • Mobile integration and soft phones mean that you can walk around your hotel, leisure centre or restaurant without worrying about missing important calls.
  • Call recording is great for staff training (showing examples of best practice calls) and also means that, if you’re taking/ making an order or a booking over the phone, you can replay the call to make sure you’ve got all the details correct.
  • A professional auto-attendant means that you can inform your customers of your opening hours and make it easy for them to get through to the right department or facility (gym, spa, bookings, restaurant etc.)

At Network Telecom we have over twenty years of experience in the hospitality and leisure sector, helping businesses to find the right phone systems and communications packages to meet their needs, challenges and objectives. To speak to one of our team today about how we could help to improve your business’ communications, call 01952 221 327 or email


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