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Telecoms acronyms explained

Whether you’re looking to change your business phone system or wanting to invest in business mobiles for your team of on-the-move employees there is a lot of jargon involved when researching anything in the telecommunications industry.

That is why we have broken down 13 of the most frequently used telecoms acronyms for your understanding. First up is an in-depth explanation of 6 frequently used acronyms.

ADSL stands for “Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line”. It describes the technology that allows data to be downloaded and uploaded over a high bandwidth network connection. It allows for faster data transfer, usually 10 times faster downloading and 4 times faster uploading than an analogue modem which increases efficiency and reduces costs.

CLI stands for “Calling Line Identification” which is used to display a caller’s number on the recipient’s telephone. This is more commonly known as caller ID, which we use to know who is calling us before we answer.

CTI stands for “Computer Telephony Integration” which describes the process of telecommunications systems sharing information with computer systems. CTI is often used in offices for desktop interactions, such as screen popping where a database of information is presented on the screen for an incoming call. This improves call agent’s productivity.

DDI stands for “Direct Dialling Inwards” which enables callers to directly call into a specific department or a specific person which offers a more personal service to clients. This not only saves receptionists time but it stops any bottle-necking of switchboards. DDI allows for marketing teams to use specific numbers for specific marketing campaigns making it easier for businesses to track where their sales are coming from.

SDSL stands for “Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line” which is similar to ADSL but differs in the fact that the upload and download speeds received are the same as each other.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”, the technology that allows for phone calls to be made over an internet connection. Popular VoIP applications include Skype which many people use to connect with friends, colleagues and customers in different areas and countries to themselves.

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