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The benefits of business mobiles

Benefits of Business Mobiles

As a result of the rise in popularity of remote working, business mobiles are now seen as the norm within organisations of all sizes. After all, businesses are no longer 9-5 and purely office based. Business mobiles offer a number of benefits thanks to the variety of options available in terms of both models and tariffs.

How do business mobiles boost productivity and efficiency?

Increased productivity and efficiency are arguably two of the main reasons why you would provide your employees with mobiles.

Having a business mobile will allow your employees to access emails on the move meaning they can be productive anywhere at any time, even on the train on the way to a meeting. Not to forget that using business mobiles will allow your employees to remain in constant contact with the office as well as customers and suppliers.

In addition, business mobiles aren’t only used to boost productivity on the move. If your broadband was to go down in your office you and your employees could use your business mobiles as a backup ensuring you can still access your emails, including any potential sales, until your broadband connection is restored.

What other benefits do mobiles provide for business?

  • Addition to your business phone system

Business mobiles integrate seamlessly with your business phone system. Utilising mobiles both in and out of the office means that calls can easily be transferred between your business phone system and your business mobiles. This allows for quicker answering of calls as well as better continuity between calls.

In some instances, business mobiles can also be used instead of a business phone system, especially for small start-up businesses.

  • Added employee benefit

Business mobiles offer a number of employee benefits as they allow your employees to work flexibly and remotely. It takes the stress out of remote and flexible working as your employees are able to contact their colleagues, customers and suppliers whenever they need to and from wherever they are.

Plus, supplying your employees with mobiles can be seen as an added employee benefit as well, further enticing people to job roles within your company.

  • Added customer benefit

Put simply, utilising business mobiles means that your customers can have even more support. Account managers are readily available to their customers and colleagues can be reached with queries even when they are out of the office.

Furthermore, your customers will be able to receive faster support when your employees utilise business mobiles. In the instance that one of your employees is helping a customer but needs some assistance from a senior member of staff who isn’t in the office, that staff member can easily call that senior member of staff and get the answers they need to continue helping your customer in a matter of minutes.

Network Telecom is a network neutral business mobile provider meaning we can offer you up to 25% less than your current business mobile costs. If you’re interested in a bespoke business mobile package get in touch with our friendly team today on 01952 221 327 or email


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