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The impact of DDIs on your marketing department

A Direct Dial Inward (DDI) number, that is often also referred to as DDI, a phone number that is assigned to a specific employee or department within a company. This enables callers to speak directly to the right team or team member, avoiding the switchboard, as well as allowing the marketing department to track the progress of their campaigns. In other words, it gives each telephone extension an individual number.

Marketing departments benefit significantly from DDIs as they allow the team to track the success of each of their campaigns. If your marketing department was to take out an ad in your local paper, give out business cards at a trade show or start a blog, they can utilise DDIs to track the success of each of these. It’s simple, in this instance the marketing team would use 1 different DDI for each of those campaigns and then when calls come in they will know which number they rang from. This will lead the marketing department to be able to track whether more enquiries came from the paper, the trade show or the blog.

A DDI is essentially an alternative to a landing page that a marketing team would usually use to track click through rates to analyse which of those specific web pages were most successful.

When asked about how DDIs benefit our marketing manager Amelia Ebdon she said that “One of the biggest struggles I’ve had in any marketing team that I’ve worked with has been tracking and reporting. Without the right tools for the job, marketing activity is notoriously hard to track (particularly campaigns involving PR or offline lead generation) and reporting an accurate ROI at the end of every quarter can be challenging. In order to know what is really working for our company and to make sure we are spending our marketing budget in the right places, we need to have the data and the details to analyse our marketing plan rigorously”. Marketing DDIs are arguably the most effective way to tackle the challenge of reporting return on investment (ROI).

DDIs enable marketing departments to track not only where their leads are coming from but also how successful each of their strategies are which in turn saves the company money on campaigns that are not returning enough on their investment.

Another side of DDI benefits is that it can allow your marketing department to begin advertising in other geographical areas as you are able to get a local DDI for each area regardless of whether your company is based there.

DDIs don’t only offer benefits to your marketing department but to your company as a whole. Not only do they improve your customers experience and free up your receptionist’s time but there are a variety of other benefits;

  • They offer a variety of cost benefits as they mean that companies are able to use local DDIs for centrally based employees as opposed to employing remote workers.
  • They allow for a number of calls to be taken at once meaning that customers do not have to wait on hold or go through a number of different call agents before speaking to the right person.

Using DDIs allows your marketing department to put more time, money and focus into campaigns that are proving to return enquiries as well as ensuring that your customers are being sent directly to the people and departments they need to straight away.

If you would like to find out more about phone systems that offer call features, like DDI, that will benefit your marketing department you can call our knowledgeable team on 01952 221 327 or


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