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Video conferencing issues? Read our three troubleshooting tips!

As flexible and remote working becomes the norm, accompanied by the technological advancements in video conferencing units, online meetings and webinars have become crucial to efficient business communications. More engaging than voice calls and often more productive than long email chains, video calls are a great way to keep up to date with colleagues and deliver updates between multiple sites without having to travel. But, what happens when you are faced with a frozen video or long audio delays? Read our top three video conferencing troubleshooting tips to keep your conversations running smoothly.

 1. Check your bandwidth

A poor internet connection and a lack of bandwidth are the most common obstacles to a successful video call. If your video keeps stalling, your screen won’t share or your audio keeps breaking up then we recommend running a speed test to confirm your upload and download speeds or speaking to your IT department to check your bandwidth. With a fast and reliable internet connection, you’ll be video chatting in no time.

2. Make sure your devices are updated

Your devices need to update for a reason. Software and hardware needs to be updated to make sure that everything is running quickly and securely. If you’re experiencing issues during your video conferences then try updating your computer, mobiles and browsers so that you’re operating with the most recent versions of your chosen programmes.

3. Opt for a headset

Are you experiencing tinny audio or echoes during your video calls? Double check that your device has noise cancelling technology and, failing that, we suggest using a headset to enjoy a clean sound and to avoid any distractions from unwanted background noise.

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