Top tips for improving remote team spirit!

Remote teams

The Network Telecom team has been working remotely for a number of weeks now, following government guidelines. As a result, we’ve found many great ways to keep in touch with our teammates to make sure that everyone is doing well and enjoying the experience as much as possible. We’ve compiled a list of our top team spirit boosting tips to help your remote workforce.

Get your teams opinion

It’s important to recognise that every team and every individual is likely to have a different opinion on remote working. We strongly recommend doing regular internal surveys to find out what is working for your remote teams and what isn’t. A remote working survey is a great way to get some top tips that you can share company wide and identify where any changes need to be made.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is important for your HR team and managers to do regular check-ins with their team members to understand any concerns or just have chat.

Focus on video calling

While it’s easy to have a quick audio call that doesn’t require moving your washing out of view or changing out of your PJs, it’s important to push for video calls. They’re a lot more engaging! By seeing your teammates face to face, not only will it feel a little more normal, but you will be able to collaborate more easily and share ideas as though you were in the same room. Video calling can (and should) be used for team meetings as well as general catch-ups!

It’s common for people to feel nervous about video calling as they question whether they have the right setting, how they look, or whether their pet is going to run into shot, but those things are what make video calls that much more interesting. We all love to see a furry friend!

Company training

It’s easy to let normal office actions fall behind when working remotely, but employee training shouldn’t be one of those things. Regular training, whether it be general product training, specific remote working training or general character training, is important. Training offers employees a chance to improve their skills and focus on something a little different during what is a challenging time for everyone. We strongly recommend continuing with this and sharing the progress that your team is making to boost morale.

Regular communications

If you think about it, how many people do you usually speak to when working in the office? The answer is likely to be quite a lot, regardless of whether it’s a quick hello or an in-depth conversation. That’s e why it’s important to keep conversations going, even when working remotely.

Here at Network Telecom we have weekly email chains that bring different teams together to discuss topics such as animals and nature. Other ways to do this include things such as private social media groups or intranets that allow staff members to share photos, videos and comments of day to day life as well as their opinions on remote working.

Promote healthy habits

Unhealthy habits such as a lack of breaks throughout the day, unhealthy eating and a lack of exercise can easily creep in when a team is working remotely. As a business you have a responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle to your employees. Plus, these habits can influence your employees work quality. While you may not be able to offer free fruit like you would in the office, why not start virtual exercise classes where teams join in. Or, consider a weekly competition for the team that gets the most steps in. You could also send round healthy recipes, as well as tips and tricks to stay healthy so that everyone is in it together!

Focus on the positive

Moving to a remote workforce will impact each employee differently, making it vital to focus on the positives and to share as much good news as you can. It’s easy in the office to mention someone’s good work across the room, so it’s important that this doesn’t get forgotten about when working remotely. Make sure to send out regular good news stories that focus on both company and personal successes. We recommend considering a weekly or monthly newsletter, if you don’t already have one. This will give you a platform to not only update staff but to shout about all the great work being done. Plus, it feels great to be recognised, doesn’t it?

Remote working may not be easy at first, but it provides many business benefits, making it essential that your teams keep their spirits high. We offer remote working solutions, such as cloud phone systems and video conferencing platforms, that make working from home easier for your teams. To learn more, contact our friendly team today on 0333 3603 723 or


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