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Top VoIP Security Tips


For many organisations, VoIP phone systems are the primary choice when it comes to selecting a communication solution for their business. With calls running over broadband as opposed to traditional phone lines, VoIP can offer a significant cost saving.

While VoIP phone systems offer a multitude of benefits including scalability, boosted productivity and ease of use, it’s vital for employees to understand the security risks of a phone system that relies on your business’ broadband connection. We have compiled our top 5 VoIP security tips to help your business.

Use secure passwords

Changing the default password to something personalised is a simple and effective way to ensure added security for your VoIP phone system. Encourage employees to set a strong password, with a mixture of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers. Changing it as often as company policy suggests is also recommended. Try to avoid the possibility that employees will set passwords such as ‘password’ or anything that would be easy to guess. Combinations of personal information such as a pet’s name, your favourite TV show, a family birthday, or your mother’s maiden names are all good examples of secure passwords.

Utilise a firewall and a replacement firewall

Placing your VoIP phone system behind a firewall and allowing only authorised access by placing strict rules on the firewall will significantly increase your network’s security and protection. We also recommend using a replacement firewall as well to ensure that if the firewall goes down, your VoIP system is still secure.

Perform backups frequently

VoIP phone systems can be vulnerable, so be sure to back them up frequently. Unforeseen events can and do happen and should your security measures experience failure, you can minimise the issue with an effective back up system, thus decreasing the amount of time you’re out of service.

Closely monitor your system

A security breach on a VoIP phone system can cause significant damage, especially if it isn’t spotted quickly and stays in place for an extended period of time. Tackle these potential breaches by closely monitoring your system and looking for any abnormal patterns. For example, if you don’t do business overseas, put a geographic limit on the system. Keeping an eye on your traffic is essential to ensure security. Examples of suspicious activity could include:

  • Calls to locations that haven’t been called before
  • Calls during times when calls don’t take place (e.g. close of business/weekends)
  • More concurrent calls than usual

As an alternative to your IT department having responsibility over your VoIP phone system, you may want to consider working with a well-established and trusted firm that can provide VoIP as a service.

As the popularity of VoIP phone systems continue to rise, it’s important for your business to adhere to these security tips to ensure your VoIP phone system is fully secure. If you would like to discuss how a VoIP phone system can benefit your business, please contact a member of our dedicated team on 01952 221 327 or email


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