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Web Hosting Packages from Network Telecom

Any entrepreneur who wishes to make his or her mark will need to have an IT expert in their corner. At Network Telecom we offer a range of web hosting services for businesses of all sizes. From domain name registration to web hosting, we can provide you with a stable platform from which to launch your website.

Domain Acquisition

We can source your preferred domain name and also make sure it gets renewed, ensuring it remains your property. You might prefer a .com, .net, or .org URL and in the unlikely event your preferred domain name is taken, we can find something very similar. Selecting your company URL isn’t a case of “anything will do”, far from it, your web address should be instantly recognisable, and we can help you to source the right domain name.

Web Hosting Packages

We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze web hosting packages to suit all businesses. If you are a very young company with a relatively basic website, or a corporate giant that wishes to revamp their online presence, we have the perfect package. The great thing about our package choices is you only pay for what you need, and with full 24/7 support, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

A Stable Broadband Connection

As you would expect, business broadband services are in high demand, and for many companies, their Internet connection provides a lot more than just web access. With our help, you can equip all your key staff with cutting edge devices that allow them to log into your cloud based communication network for optimum connectivity.

Telephone Integration with CTI

Using our “NT Connect” CTI Application, your staff can integrate their telephone with their computer, which brings with it many benefits. Our small business phone and cloud phone systems are very affordable and, if you require a telecoms bundle, which would include a lines and calls package, we have all the necessary resources and technical know how to make it happen.

Reliability and Ongoing Support

If we are looking after your web hosting, you can be sure that your digital platform will always perform as it should, with fast page loading times and adequate bandwidth for the content you are displaying. Your company website is your portal to the world and without secure hosting, you risk regular downtime, something no business wants to experience.

Free Professional Advice

If you are about to launch a new enterprise and are seeking an affordable web hosting package, why not make an online booking or visit our offices at,

Network Telecom (UK) Ltd

Communications House,

Hadley Park. Telford TF1 6QJ

Failing that, you can phone us on 01952 221 327 during normal office hours and we would be happy to tailor a web hosting package to suit your needs.



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