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The benefit of cloud backup for business

Cloud Backup

You will have no doubt heard the term “Cloud” used around the office. It is the latest buzz word in the world of IT but what are the benefits of Cloud backup for your business? Following the one year anniversary of GDPR, data security and an effective backup solution is more important than ever.

Cloud backup is a solution that enables businesses to store a copy of their data to the Cloud as opposed to a physical data storage method. This increases the chances of a business’ data being recoverable in the event of a man made or natural disaster.

There are a number of business benefits to using cloud backup including but not limited to;

  • No hardware or physical equipment is required meaning that no setup is necessary
  • Restoration of data typically takes a matter of minutes meaning little to no downtime
  • It is an affordable backup option, well suited to SMEs
  • Backups can be accessed from anywhere making it a convenient option
  • It is completely separate from your premises
  • File restoration is easy taking only a few steps
  • Cloud backups are done automatically in regular intervals
  • It reduces downtime
  • Scalability is easy so the cloud back up will grow with your business

Ultimately, Cloud backup gives businesses the peace of mind that all of your data is backed up securely and is available from anywhere. At Network Telecom we have combined our UK data centres with our state of the art network infrastructure to make data restoration from the cloud as quick as possible.

If you would like to learn more about our Cloud backup solution please contact our friendly team on or 01952 221 327.


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