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What is a hosted phone system?

Having a phone system is good for business. It means that you can enjoy a cradle to grave view of every call than comes in and out of your business, making the most of every sales opportunity. But wouldn’t it be great if your phone system had even greater flexibility, allowing you to connect wherever you are, whenever you need to?

A hosted phone system, like our hosted solution NT Connect, is a phone system that’s hosted in the Cloud. It does everything and has all the features you’d expect from an office phone system but, because it’s hosted in the Cloud, there are a number of additional benefits.

NT Connect makes it easier to manage your calls, allowing you to get your customers through to the appropriate person, or forward your calls when you know you won’t be available, quickly and simply. You can also set your desk phone and mobile to ring at the same time (meaning you only have to give out one number) and can use our app to turn your smartphone and laptop into extensions of your desk phone.

With a hosted phone system you’ll have access to your own web portal, making it easy to manage your calls and your costs whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

Your upfront costs will be lower as you won’t need phone system hardware in your office (apart from handsets) and you don’t need to worry about upgrade charges. You can make the most of free site-to-site calls, give the right number of users the features they need and you’ll only pay for what you use.

If people can’t get into the office, your business grows, you open another office or you are employing more staff, your hosted phone system is completely scalable to suit your needs and allows your employees to keep talking whether they’re at home, working from a café or based in your second office.

Want to learn more about moving to a hosted phone system? The team here at Network Telecom will make sure you have a reliable internet connection (capable of delivering your business-critical calls no matter how many people are online at the same time) and put together a tailored solution for your business.

Call 01952 221 327 or email to take the first step to improving and future proofing your business communications.


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