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Why is call rerouting important for SMEs?

Regardless of whether a business has 10 employees or 100 employees every phone call is important. Call rerouting is one of the most beneficial features of a business phone system for SMEs, resulting in improved customer relations and employee flexibility.

Call rerouting is not to be confused with call forwarding, although similar, the two are different. Call forwarding is programmed and activated manually from the telephone whereas rerouting is programmed in the system database. Call rerouting is becoming a prominent feature in day-to-day business life.

One of the main reasons why call rerouting is important for SMEs is that it gives employees enhanced flexibility ensuring that, not only are all calls being answered, but they’re being answered by the staff members that are knowledgeable about their specific query. This also allows for the optimisation of human resources’ costs as each member of staff is utilised as efficiently as possible. In other words, it means that your employees are only answering the calls they can deal with, meaning they’re wasting less time putting clients through to the appropriate staff member.

Furthermore, improved customer relations are a huge advantage in small to medium sized businesses. Firstly, it allows customers to straight away say what they are calling about to ensure they get an answer without having to speak to various members of staff. Not only that but calls can be rerouted based on the call agent’s expertise to ensure the customer is helped in a timely and concise manner which can only improve the customer’s view of your company.

Regardless of whether you are abroad on holiday or if there is a power outage in the office you will always be able to answer your clients’ calls due to call rerouting. Plus, there isn’t just one rerouting option available to you. You can have instant rerouting meaning that calls to your office automatically go through to your mobile so that you can work remotely knowing that you aren’t missing those all-important calls. In addition, call rerouting is a huge help for SMEs that are relocating their offices as it ensures that no calls are missed during the moving period.

Ultimately, call rerouting means that, for the most part, calls are always answered and by the right people. Call rerouting offers a lot of benefits for SMEs saving them time and money and increasing their employee morale and customer relations. If you’re a SME without call rerouting, what are you waiting for?

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