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Why move IT services to your telecoms provider

Do you have one provider for your business telecoms and one provider for your IT services? If so, that is one provider too many. We have compiled three reasons why you should move your IT services to your business telecoms provider.

As a result of developments in recent years, the differentiation between IT services and telecoms has blurred. Advancements in cloud-based phone systems, business mobiles and computer telephony integration mean that there is more cross-over and alignment than ever before. In response to this, many business telecoms providers have begun to offer IT services as part of their service offering to ensure they are a “one-stop-shop” for all business communication needs. But what are the business benefits of choosing a single provider?

  1. Save time and money
    More than one monthly bill for your business communications is simply too many. Having multiple providers and monthly bills means that you are paying over the odds. When you move your IT services to your telecoms provider you consolidate your costs. You will only have one set of admin fees, and you will gain access to your telecoms provider’s wholesale rates meaning that you pay the same or less to have your communication solutions with a single.
  2. Convenience
    It can be an operational nightmare to have more than one communications provider. You will have various bills, various payment methods and various numbers to call for assistance which simply isn’t convenient.
    Not to mention, you will have one point of contact which will save you valuable time when getting in touch with your provider.
  3. Avoid conflict between two separate providers
    Having two providers can often mean you have to play the middle man.  Moving your IT services to your existing telecoms provider will result in all of your business communications being handled by an expert team that you’re familiar with. Having the same provider not only stops you playing the middle man but it prevents any conflicts between the two suppliers or a lack of communication.

Your IT services are an additional way that your customers can communicate with your business and vice versa. Whether it is domain hosting, Office 365, network security or general IT support, all are important to two of your most crucial communication avenues – your website and your emails. So, surely it makes sense to have these hosted by a communications specialist (like your business telecoms provider) who already understands your business and how your systems integrate.

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