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Why should your business opt for call management software?

In this day and age, data can be one of a business’ most valuable assets. Any additional insight that you can gather about the way your customers behave or the way your business is performing should be collected and analysed as thoroughly as possible to make informed decisions about operations going forward. So, why do so many business’ neglect their call data?

Call management software is intelligence that’s built in to your business phone system and crucially allows you to manage, analyse and control your communications. Your business should opt for call management software because it provides you with a holistic, ‘cradle-to-grave’ view of every internal and external call on your office phone system.

This means that you can analyse both real-time activity and historical reports to make sure that missed calls don’t materialise into missed sales opportunities. You can drill down into data about your entire business, specific departments, individual teams or employees. You can identify trends in calling patterns and track the performance of the different components that make up your company.

Which staff or departments are taking too long to answer the phone? How many people called your business yesterday and hung up or got a busy tone? Might they have then called your competitor? What is the cost of missing a potential order? Call management software means that you’ll have the statistics and the answers.

Our call management software, NT Re-Call, delivers call information in an easy to understand dashboard that can be tailored to your business. You can utilise NT Re-Call’s predefined reports including caller tolerance, hourly call distribution, extension activity, DDI analysis and unreturned missed calls information – enabling you to minimise the cost of dropped calls and deliver the highest levels of customer service to both existing clients and new prospects.

Key features of call management software

  • Identify missed and unreturned calls
  • Identify calls outside of normal hours
  • Verify call costs
  • Identify billing anomalies
  • Combat telecommunications fraud
  • Analyse resource allocation
  • Design shift patterns vs. call volumes
  • Analyse marketing campaigns
  • Evaluate caller tolerance
  • Reduce manpower costs
  • Provide reports on performance

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