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Why you need Advertising on Hold

It may sound simple, but advertising on hold is a great way for you to let your customers know all about the range of products and services you offer. When a customer calls your company, you can let your business phone system do some of the work for you.

Not only is advertising on hold proven to be an effective way of reducing perceived wait times – reminding callers that they are in a queue and not lost or forgotten – but it reduces the number of callers who hang up while they’re on hold and boosts their perception of your brand. Whether you’re a large or small operation, having advertising on hold as part of your office phone system can give you a professional and organised appearance.

You can not only increase your profitability by reducing the number of hangs up from both potential and existing customers, but you can treat the time your customers spend on hold as valuable marketing space – free air time to tell a captive audience about your services.

As customers are one of the most important aspects to your company, we understand how crucial it is to avoid any loss of potential business opportunities. That’s why we can work with you to set up your business phone system with automated messages for on hold callers, an auto attendant menu to improve caller satisfaction, copywriting services to create your scripts and both on hold music and speaker options. Improve the efficiency of your operations by saving valuable time with messages that answer frequently asked questions – for example queries about opening hours, locations and directions – and broadcast the latest news and information about your company. Your company’s telecoms solution should be just that – a solution. It should be a way to improve your processes, communications with customers and ultimately help make you money.

To learn more about how you could be getting more out of your office phone system with advertising on hold, call 01952 221 327 or email and leave your customers with a great first impression.


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