Why your business should utilise auto attendant

Looking for a way to make sure that your callers get through to the right person in your business quickly and easily? Auto attendant, or virtual receptionist as it’s sometimes called, could be the solution for you.

Auto attendant allows your callers to be automatically transferred to the extension of the appropriate person or department without the need for a receptionist or telephone operator. By offering a simple menu and flow system, which can be personalised and tailored to the needs and structure of your company, your callers can define their issue and reason for calling before they speak to anyone. This can help your business run more efficiently by ensuring that your staff are only answering calls that are relevant to them.

Get the most out of your business phone system by letting call features like auto attendant do some of the work for you. Set up advanced rules for calls to specific phone numbers, direct calls to mobiles and VoIP phones and improve customer experience at that very first point of contact with your business.

By making sure that incoming calls are answered and routed properly with auto attendant, you can customise greetings for holidays, promotions and out of hours, quickly and conveniently modify your settings and forward calls to any extension, outside line or directly to voicemail.

At Network Telecom, we can offer auto attendant with all of our office phone systems, as well as helping you with recording and writing a script. Call 01952 221 327 today and speak to a member of our expert team to find out more about improving both your customer service and business efficiency levels with this great feature.


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