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NT Multimedia

NT Multimedia is so much more than a business phone system.

Whether you want to video call a colleague, access content, check the weather, update your business' social media channels or control your office's sound system, anything your smart phone and tablet can do, NT Multimedia can bring to your desk phone.

Just shut down your computer, but forgotten to check your calendar for the next morning? Missed that last-minute email? No problem! These are never more than a touch of a button away with NT Multimedia. Taking your business-critical conversations to the next level, our multimedia phones allow you to talk face-to-face with your colleagues and download all of your favourite Android apps. The possibilities are infinite, allowing you to create a truly personal and powerful multimedia experience. 

Video Calling

Thanks to NT Multimedia's video calling capabilities, you can take your business-critical conversations to the next level and talk face-to-face with your colleagues, partners and customers.

Featuring a 7" HD touch screen, an advanced megapixel camera for HD video conferencing and built-in WiFi, you can now video call your internal and external contacts and host conference calls with up to 200 participants. 

NT Multimedia offers an industry-leading video communications system to keep your business talking – all for one fixed monthly cost.

Access your Apps

Designed to improve your business’ efficiency and productivity, NT Multimedia allows you to utilise all of the familiar business phone system features like CTI, Call Recording and Voicemail while also downloading all of your favourite Android apps. 

With easy access to all of your business applications, you can post to social media, log into your smart office controls, check the weather, view content and so much more without even having to boot up your computer. 

Put simply, anything your smartphone can do, NT Multimedia can do too. 

Email and Calendar

With NT Multimedia you can quickly and easily check your emails and keep up to date with your calendar without having to log into your computer. That means you can get connected as soon as you sit down at your desk. 

We've all done it. We've all closed down our laptops and desktops only to realise that we forgot to check our diaries for the morning or press send on that last minute email. Thanks to NT Multimedia, you can simply access your accounts to save time and avoid frustration. 

Giving you an extra screen to work from, NT Multimedia becomes an extension of your desktop. 

Built-in Bluetooth

With its Built-in Bluetooth capabilities you can connect your mobile handset, headsets, speakers and other Bluetooth devices to your NT Multimedia device to personalise your multimedia experience.

Have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that you prefer? Want to use a particular headset or control your office playlist with a Bluetooth speaker? All of this is easily achievable with NT Multimedia. 



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